*Customers must meet certain criteria to receive checks.



$500 Sign Up Program

When You Brings Friends And Family to SouthWest Sun Solar, We Will Give You a $500 Check for Every Person who Signs Up. That's Right! $500 for EVERY Person That Signs Up.

Its Pretty Simple. When Your System Turns On, We'll Hand You a $500 Check. Its Our Way of Saying, Thank You for Doing Business With Us and Helping the World Go Green

$500 Referral Program

Mike Oganessian | Villa Park Resident, CA

"I was pretty surprised. Usually there is a catch. But it was simple. They came, installed the system and then gave me a $500 check...Not to mention that I got my sister to join and BOOM! another $500 check in the mail."




Yes that is correct. We send out over 100 checks daily to SouthWest Sun Solar customers who help make sure that more and more of their community is making the change to solar. We’d like to start sending out more checks and more money. We mean it! So if you’d like to start seeing some extra income come in every month, a simple chat with a friend could make you some extra money.

Other Benefits from SouthWest Sun Solar

Download our free guide that helps estimate how much a solar system can increase the value of your home.

Our team members can speak a variety of languages including Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, etc.

We do installations all over California with offices in Southern California and the San Jose area.

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