SouthWest Sun Solar Included in Top 500 Solar Contractors

This summer has surely been a great one for SouthWest Sun Solar. After a company wide audit found diversity levels way surpassing the national average of the Solar industry, SouthWest Sun Solar was recognized for being in the Top 500 Solar Contractors in North America. The national ranking was conducted by Solar Power World, one of the Solar industry’s largest publications.

Message from the SouthWest Sun Solar CEO

Naturally, at SouthWest Sun Solar we are extremely proud of this accomplishment. Having only launched in 2014, the recognition shows SouthWest Sun Solar’s incredible rate of growth. CEO, Hugh Nguyen sent out a company wide email congratulating his staff.

“I want to thanks each and everyone of you for your hard work and contribution to our success.  Without your dedication, Southwest Sun Solar would not be where we are today. I want you to know this is just the beginning.  Together, we will grow to the top of this industry.”

The Numbers

SouthWest Sun Solar was ranked #155 of the 500 top solar contractors in North America. This came after SouthWest Sun Solar reported up to 8.00 Megawatts installed with 5.00 Megawatts alone in 2015. We have included the table featuring the stats for SouthWest Sun Solar.


In the state of California, SouthWest Sun Solar was ranked #46th of all 2,336 solar companies in the state. To see the full rankings of the Top 500 Solar Contractors you see it here.

Official Press Release

To see an official press release of the Top 500 Solar Contractors you can read it by clicking the link: SouthWest Sun Solar Top 500 Solar Contractors Press Release