Solar Panel Installation in Orange County

SouthWest Sun Solar’s home is in Orange County. With offices all over Orange County including Westminster, Fullerton and La Mirada, we are bringing a new face to solar to Southern California. With so many different options in the market it can be a little scary to choose who to work with. At the end of the day going solar means a lot. Not only does it mean an adjustment to your energy bill, but it also affects the visual aesthetics of your home. We get all this and that’s why we are different from everyone else.

Families and households who work with us can take comfort knowing that when they work with SouthWest Sun Solar, they are working with us. We don’t hire outside subcontractors or teams. Everything is in house. This includes the design, engineering and installation team.

The Customer is First! We Mean It!

All companies will tell you that you that customers are important. We know that. But we also know that actions speak louder than words, so here are some concrete, real examples of why you can be sure that SouthWest Sun Solar cares about you:

  • For any reason, if you think something may have happened to your system, just give us a call and our teams will be there in under 24 hours.
  • With a 25 Year Warranty, you can be sure that once the job is done we will still be there. This includes free repairs to your solar system.
  • Our diverse team can speak Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog, Chinese, Khmer and of course English! Our team is well suited to work with the diverse demographic of Orange County.


13752 Harbor Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92843
(714) 582-3909

Languages Spoken
English | Vietnamese | Spanish | Tagalog | Korean | Chinese

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Top 500 Solar Contractor

SouthWest Sun Solar has been ranked #46 among 2336 California solar companies in addition to ranking #155 among all solar contractors in North America. In addition, SouthWest Sun Solar has been able to accomplish this with only two years since its founding in 2014. Its a testament to our commitment to solar and ensuring that we spread it to as many people in the community as possible.

Fastest Solar Installation

Because our company keeps everything in house, our installation teams operate on SouthWest Sun Solar’s schedule. SouthWest Sun Solar’s schedule is focused on the customer. So in reality, our installation team’s priority is to get those solar panels installed as fast possible. The average solar panel installation project typically takes 45 days (1 Month and a half).

SouthWest Sun Solar Top 500 Solar Contractors

Multilingual Staff

Our diverse team can speak Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog, Chinese, Khmer and of course English! One of the SouthWest Sun Solar commitments is to help bridge the solar gap that exists. Many communities don’t have the access or the ability to communicate in English to fully understand solar panels and the benefits. Our team has been constructed to give the underrepresented communities the opportunity to take advantage of solar.