SouthWest Sun Solar is a proud California-based company. We are a company that performs all its operations in-house. Our designers and engineers build and maintain solar projects that range in size from a small 1kW residential system to a multi-megawatt commercial or utility system. Our team takes care of all aspects of the project from sales, site survey, design, engineering, permit, installation, and PTO (proceed to operate – dealing with utilities)

Come be a part of an exciting journey, where we strive to be inclusive while providing quick, affordable solutions. As part of the SouthWest Solar family, collaborate with a diverse and sharp team to give back to society in meaningful ways.

Why join SouthWest Sun Solar?

We invest in employees

Since we handle all operations in-house, we emphasize training our employees for a productive workflow.

We focus on upward mobility

Our organization is a properly structured hierarchy that enables employees’ growth and advancement.

We encourage diversity

We believe in having a conducive, inclusive, and diverse workplace that is opportune for underrepresented communities.

Learn More About Our Role in Diversity

Diversity in Southwest Sun SolarCelebrating Our Diverse Workforce

We’re proud to be a part of an industry that has far surpassed other energy industries in diversity. However, we’ll be the first to admit that the solar industry has not found the perfect solution either. Though a lot of progressive work has been done, a solar divide still exists. Read More