Spread Clean Energy while Making Some Money

At SouthWest Sun Solar we want to reward those who help make sure that their friends and family are also converting to clean energy. It’s all about being a good friend when you encourage those important to you to save money on their bills but also help the environment. If you have a friend or family member who is willing to make that jump, simply fill out the form below. Once they turn on the system we’ll send you a $500 check*!

3 Step Process



$500 Check

Over $5000 Sent Out Monthly

Yes that is correct. We send out over 100 checks daily to SouthWest Sun Solar customers who help make sure that more and more people are making the change to solar. We mean it! So if you’d like to start seeing some extra income every month, a simple chat with a friend could make you some extra money.

*To be eligible you must be age 18 or over and registered at the SouthWest Sun Solar Website with a valid name and address. Your referrals must be submitted using the customer referral portal or they must disclose you as the referrer during their original inquiry call with SouthWest Sun Solar. Referrals must be new contacts only. Existing known SouthWest Sun Solar contacts will not be considered qualified referrals. **Please allow 15-30 days from the referral’s installation and activation for you to receive $500 from SouthWest Sun Solar. Qualified referrals that do not sign an agreement with SouthWest Sun Solar within 90 days of submission will expire.

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