11 01, 2017

The Complete Guide to Installing Solar Through PPA’s, Solar Leases or Purchasing

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Adding a solar installation is one of the best investments you can make for your property. Depending on your area, a well-managed and properly installed system qualifies for numerous tax credits and green energy credits, and can increase the value of your home. Since the electricity produced by a solar system is free, a

14 11, 2016

Pros and Cons of Going Solar

What is a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System? Solar Photovoltaic System – A solar photovoltaic system is solar technology that generates electricity directly from sunlight. The basic unit of a solar system is called a Solar Cell, which is the component that converts sunlight to energy for your home use. Solar has become an increasingly popular energy

7 11, 2016

Announcing the SouthWest Sun Solar Scholarship for California College Students

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After a couple months of work, SouthWest Sun Solar is excited to announce that we have created our company’s first scholarship! Spearheaded by CEO, Hugh Nguyen, the scholarship is just another step in the growing roots of SouthWest Sun Solar’s work in the community. To understand why we created this scholarship you need to understand

6 10, 2016

SouthWest Sun Solar Featured on The Society for Diversity

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Earlier this week, SouthWest Sun Solar was given the opportunity to guest post on The Society for Diversity which is the #1 Professional Association for Diversity and Inclusion Leadership. The organization describes its goal as helping members become the most knowledgeable, skilled and practice diversity experts in the world. Naturally, because SouthWest Sun Solar has been

19 09, 2016

SouthWest Sun Solar Adds Chinese and Cambodian Speaking Team

Over the summer SouthWest Sun Solar has spent much time discussing company diversity. To continue this push, we’d like to announce another step in the right direction. As executive director, Hugh Nguyen, mentioned in his appearance in Solar Power World’s Contractors Corner podcast, “I found that minorities have a lack of information related to green energy

9 09, 2016

CEO, Hugh Nguyen, Featured in Solar Power World Podcast

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After the announcement of the company’s diversity achievements, our executive director, Hugh Nguyen, was asked to make a guest appearance on Solar Power World’s Podcast Series called the Contractors Corner. The podcast is dedicated to sitting down with the “industry’s biggest newsmakers” to discuss their story. To listen to the podcast,

28 07, 2016

The Relationship Between Solar Panels and Your Roof

Many customers have concerns about their homes when they go solar. One of the concerns is in regards to roofing. Because solar panels will be installed onto the rooftop of homes, there is naturally concern about the health of the roof. When working with our installation team, we ensure an undamaged