Switching to solar energy is a huge decision for any residence or business owner. We understand why you might deliberate, do proper research, and take cognizance of the pros and cons before making the decision. And that’s why at SouthWest Sun Solar, we encourage all of our customers to refer their friends and family to convert their energy consumption to clean energy with us.

Are you wondering why you should do that? Here are the reasons.

3 reasons why you shouldn't miss out on SouthWest Sun Solar’s referral program Infographics

Help save money

With us, each customer has been able to save thousands of dollars per year. This number can also include your loved ones. Help them switch to a cost-effective and rewarding mode of energy conservation, ergo solar energy. When your friends and family make the switch, they reduce their dependency on traditional power sources and cut down on electricity expenditure with solar homes.

Eco-friendly journey

Switching to solar panels for energy consumption not only helps your kin save money, but also takes a responsible step towards preserving the environment. Electricity is produced using fast-depleting fossil fuels, and the process is very harmful to the environment. In complete contrast, solar energy is a clean source of energy and is renewable. When you convince your friends and family to go solar, you’re helping them reduce their carbon footprint by giving them access to a source of energy that will not run out.

Earn $500 per referral

Apart from being a responsible member of society, the best part of SouthWest Sun Solar’s referral program is that you can earn $500. It’s as simple as this: refer a friend or family member to us, and once their solar system gets up and running, we’ll send you a check for $500. Our community of loyal customers has let us help many families go solar. So much so that we’ve been sending checks worth $5000 every month!

3 reasons why you shouldn't miss out on SouthWest Sun Solar’s referral program Image

Here are the criteria for the program:

  • You must be at least 18 years or older and registered at the SouthWest Sun Solar website with a valid name and address.
  • Your referrals must be submitted using the customer referral portal, or they must disclose you as the referrer during their original inquiry call with SouthWest Sun Solar.
  • Referrals must be from new contacts only. Existing known SouthWest Sun Solar contacts will not be considered qualified referrals.

We request that you allow 15–30 days from the referral’s installation and activation for you to receive $500 from SouthWest Sun Solar. If the qualified referrals do not sign an agreement with SouthWest Sun Solar within 90 days of submission, their submission stands to expire. For additional information about solar panel installation or solar lease services, visit our website or call us at 714-582-3909. Hoping to hear from you soon!