We all know the importance of energy production for human sustenance. But this does not excuse us from producing energy that is harmful to the Earth. Which is exactly what fossil fuels do. Fossil fuels are harmful to the environment as well as the lives on the planet Earth. Therefore, we must adopt sustainable methods of generating electricity. One such method is solar energy. Let’s take a deep dive into why solar energy is better than fossil fuel energy. 

solar energy vs. fossil fuels

Top 3 differences between solar energy vs. fossil fuels

  • Availability  

Fossil fuels are of various types. They include oil, natural gas, coal, etc. But these will not last us much longer. Even studies state that we will run out of fossil fuels to produce energy in this decade itself. So why not choose an energy source that will never run out? This is exactly why solar energy is a key player in the energy industry. There is no continent on the planet that the sunlight does not reach, and it is endless. Which is why it is the perfect alternative.  

  • Eco-friendliness  

The main reason we are switching from traditional energy consumption to renewable energy sources is that these do not have any impact on the environment. Fossil fuels have not only impacted the climate but also the flora and fauna of the planet Earth. Though not directly, they have resulted in air and water pollution, which is causing the environment to become unstable. The faster we realize its effects, the sooner we can get ahead of the problem.  

  • Efficiency  

Wasted energy is never good. When it comes to fossil fuel energy, for example, consider the energy produced in a car. Over here, only 20% of the energy converted from the fuel is consumed to run the vehicle. Whereas the remaining 80% is wasted heat energy left for the environment that is causing the greenhouse effect. When it comes to solar energy, the entire energy produced is consumed without any waste.  

Even though the entire world is heavily dependent on fossil fuel energy, especially with 80% of energy being produced from them, it’s about time we start making the pertinent decisions for a change. This is the only way we can provide a fighting chance for our future races. If you would also like to be a part of a renewable energy system, then contact SouthWest Sun Solar today. We offer easy and swift solar panel installation without any fuss. Visit our website or give us a call at (714) 582-3909 to learn more.