Paying high electricity bills has become a huge problem in our lives. This is why refocusing your energy consumption on viable energy sources is no longer an option anymore but a necessity. Today, we are here to discuss the energy crisis in California as well as what energy consumers can do to reduce their electricity bills and not pay a fortune for their energy consumption.  

What is the current energy crisis in California?  

With summer on the doorstep of California, we can expect a spike in energy bills. With California’s energy rate being 47% higher than other states, paying the electricity bills can be difficult. Besides this, gas companies are also looking to increase their gas prices substantially in the next few years. So how would a Californian working a 9 to 5 job be able to pay such a huge price?  

solar energy benefits

How to evade the high electricity bills?  

Based on the energy crisis that we are facing in California today, we can say that bill prices are expected to increase rapidly. To pay high electricity bills, the best option is to adopt other forms of energy consumption. One of these is energy produced from solar panels, aka solar energy. Compared to other clean energy production methods, this is known to be the ideal one because it is easily available at hand. Not convinced yet? Here are the top 7 benefits of solar energy that will change your mind!  

  • Solar energy is free! It costs nothing to generate electricity except for the initial investment.  
  • The sun does disappear, so it means that you have an energy source every day.  
  • Solar panels are made with zero toxic materials during their manufacturing.  
  • The solar panels’ disposal has zero toxic effects on the environment.  
  • Solar energy consumption contributes to improving the air quality in California.
  • Solar energy reduced the dependency on imported fossil fuels in California.  
  • This form of energy creates a resilient & decentralized energy system.  

Energy crisis in California

Shifting to solar energy or green energy is not just about saving money on bills. It is also about contributing to the environment. It is about creating a safer and cleaner world for our environment. This is exactly why, SouthWest Sun Solar is here to help you. Build your solar homes with our solar panel installation services. You can also opt for budget-friendly options such as solar leases for your homes. Contact us to know further details.