When it comes to keeping the environment safe, solar energy is the best. But there are multiple obstacles that can cause people to steer clear of converting their houses to solar homes. Some of reasons include the weather, surrounding areas, and others, as such problems can cause low energy production. When energy production is low, it is close to impossible to produce quality energy in ample amounts. Which is why hybrid solar energy systems were created.

hybrid solar energy systems

What are hybrid solar energy systems?

The one key difference between regular solar energy systems and hybrid ones is that they include on-grid and off-grid solar systems. This means that any energy that is produced within the solar panels, can be stored for future usage.

You might wonder why we need this? Though we live in a world where we experience ideal solar consumption time for the solar panels at least once a day, there are times when we don’t. During those days, it is impossible to get high-quality power generation from solar panels. Which is why many people now use hybrid solar panels as part of their solar energy systems. This has many components that play various roles to improve the solar panel’s performance and get optimal solar energy output.

What are the components of hybrid solar energy systems?

1.  Solar PV panels

2. Charge Controller

3. Battery

4. Grid-Tie Inverter

5. Power Meter


hybrid solar energy system work

How does the hybrid solar energy system work?

Solar radiation is the main ingredient of the solar panel systems. The steps throughout this process include having solar rays’ incident on the panels and producing energy. This energy is fed into a device known as a charger controller, which regulates the energy supply. All the required energy is sent into your home for usage. But the nonessential energy is stored in the battery using a grid-tied inverter. This ensures any and all energy currently being wasted is stored in a safe place so you can use it during bad weather conditions.

Every day we work hard to make sure the world we live in becomes a better place. This is why switching to renewable energy sources for a living is essential. Aside from that, there are numerous advantages to using solar energy for residents all over the world. If you want to start your solar journey, then you must get our solar installation services today! We offer incredible solar panel installation services with panels that have a minimum of 25 years of life span. Want to know more? Visit SouthWest Sun Solar now!