Because of government-mandated subsidies and a booming demand for clean source of energy, experts predict the solar installations to quadruple by the year 2030. A joint report by US Solar Industries Association and Wood Mackenzie said that the sector will have 324GW capacity of solar panels installed, a sharp increase from just 100GW in 2020.

There are many reasons why rooftop solar panel installations have become popular.

  1. By going solar, you’re no longer reliant on traditional power plants and can bid farewell to skyrocketing electricity bills.
  2. Electricity is produced from fast depleting fossil fuels. In contrast, solar energy is renewable and clean.
  3. The value of your home can increase on average by 4.1% if you choose to add solar panels.
  4. Unlock a bevy of benefits and incentives once you go solar.

All of these are compelling reasons for any homeowner to switch to solar energy. However, after being in the industry for the last 8 years and having serviced over 10,000 customers, we have come across five common mistakes. You’ll not be able to enjoy the complete benefits of solar energy if you too are making the same blunders. Let’s go through them

1. Inaccurate estimation of energy needs

Having a clear understanding of your energy needs will guide you towards solar panel installation. When you hire a professional, they will help you figure your current energy needs and identify the solar power required to compensate it. For this calculation, they’ll also factor in size of your house and the area of residence.

2. Ignoring layout of the house

Ignoring the structural design of your house ahead of installation can prove costly. Once placed, solar panels can add up to 50 lbs of weight per square meter to your roof. Your house should be strong enough to handle the weight. Another thing to consider is the placement of parts of the house that will be shaded. Thus, if your solar panels are next to a tree, vent, or even a wall, their productivity is sharply reduced.

3. Installing on faulty roofs

Unfortunately, roofs are one of the most neglected parts of the house. So, ahead of going solar, consider upgrading your roof to save on labor and disposal costs that might come up later. This is not even optional for people whose house are older than 10 years or more. You’ll only be able to enjoy the complete duration of solar warranty when your roof is in optimal state.

4. Delaying the decision

We understand that switching to solar energy is a big decision and involves a sizeable investment. However, the longer you wait, the more benefits you might miss out on. The government bodies may phase out tax credits and rebates at any time. It’s best to make the best out of current scenario while existing financial incentives are in place.

5. Attempting to self-installation

DIYs are always a great idea, but when it comes to solar panel installation, it’s an absolute no-go. The research ahead of installation, the actual process, and after-care is something that must be handled by experts.

Before any installation, these are the questions our in-house team answers:

  • What are your energy needs?
  • Where do you reside?
  • What is the orientation of your house?
  • How many solar panels would you need?
  • What clearances would you require?
  • Does it fit your budget?
  • What loans are you eligible for?

If you’re unable to answer even one of these questions, it is advisable to seek help from the experts. That’s where we come in. SouthWest Sun Solar offers end-to-end services which include sales, site survey, design, engineering, permit, installation, and dealing with utilities. Not only do we pride ourselves on handling everything in-house, but also offer a 25-year warranty with every solar product. Get a free estimate today!