California earned the nickname “golden state” due to the discovery of gold mines, golden fields of poppies, and, of course, plenty of sunshine. Much of California has warm, dry summers, with the hottest days spiking up to 80 degrees F. One of the primary causes of your home heating up is the scorching sun rays hitting your roof.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how solar panels protect your home from California heat, it’s important to understand that they’re not a replacement for insulation material. Roofing materials are designed to bear extreme heat and can drop your home’s temperature by a few degrees.

Now, let’s have a closer look at how solar panels cool your home.

Can solar panels protect your home from California heat

How do solar panels protect your home from Californian heat?

Solar panels can cool your house through passive shading. They absorb the sun’s rays that would have otherwise heated your roof. The photovoltaic cells of the panels work by converting the absorbed sunlight to direct current (DC). They also remit and reflect some sunlight, which helps to cool your attic.

Besides, the rooftop panels are mounted on roofs, so there’s always an air gap of a few inches between the panel and your roof. Because of a natural phenomenon called convection current, the airflow between the panels and roof reduces the overall temperature. Based on your house’s structure, you can also have tilted solar panels. Tilted arrays have a larger gap, thus creating an extensive channel for airflow and increasing the cooling.

How do solar panels keep your roofs cool?

Ahead of installation, always go for the most efficient solar panels. A better build ensures better absorption of sunlight. Fortunately, SouthWest Sun Solar has you covered. If you’re interested in having efficient solar panels, you’re in luck. We source the best raw materials and customize solutions to suit your needs and requirements.

According to a study by the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, installed solar panels can reduce the amount of heat reaching the roof by 38% and can keep the roof about 5% cooler. Thus, efficient solar panels not only reflect the sunlight that would otherwise heat your roof but also absorb most of it. They then generate renewable energy for you to use in your house. Having solar panels on your roof not only reduces the heat but also cuts your electricity bills.

In summation, do solar panels cool your home? Yes, they do! They do this in addition to producing clean energy and reducing electrical expenditures. The panels thus improve your residence’s energy efficiency while eliminating the use of fossil fuels or greenhouse gas emissions.

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