Solar panel efficiency is the amount of sunlight that falls on the PV panels. These rays are later transformed into different forms of energy, such as electrical and thermal energy. The efficiency usually depends on key solar panel factors like design, temperature, weather, maintenance, etc. Find out more about efficiency and how to make the most of it right here!

How can you increase the efficiency of your solar panels?


Proper air flow

Proper ventilation is a great way to avoid overheating of your electronics. As overheating is a big problem, it is always better to prevent it. We know that heat plays a crucial role in the solar panels, so we can provide enough space around the panel for good air flow. This way, you can put a stop to the damage beforehand and increase the panel’s lifespan.

Location of solar panels

Finding the best solar orientation angle is crucial so the sunlight is always at the perfect angle to the panel. You can simply browse online to find the perfect solar panel angle and direction. If you are a Californian, then you can get the maximum energy production with a 19-degree panel angle that is facing south.

Avoid shade

A solar panel produces energy when sunlight directly hits the cells. If the panels are placed in shade, then the energy production rate will decline. So, by simply placing the panels where there is no shade, you can increase their efficiency.

Solar batteries

You can also make the most of your PV panels with the help of a solar battery. This helps you store the electricity produced by the PV cells during the day. This way, you don’t have to worry about the solar panel’s power production rate in hard weather conditions.

Regular maintenance

We all know that when things are not clean or collect dust, it always results in low efficiency. This is why keeping the solar panels clean is essential. One of the most effective means of self-cleaning is when it rains. Rainwater easily washes away any dirt or dust that falls on the panels.

Another way is to hire solar specialists for panel installation and maintenance. If you are looking for solar panel installation, then you can check out SouthWest Sun Solar.

As solar energy is becoming widely popular, having access to it can be a good asset now as well as in the future. By following the simple steps mentioned above, you can make the most of your solar panels easily.