Solar panels are built to withstand the harshest winters and the hottest summers. Even though this is true, there are many misconceptions regarding how the or the summer weather can cause the solar panels to overheat. Therefore, today we are going to bust these myths and give you the scientifically proven facts about solar panel efficiency during the summer in California.

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How do solar panels work during the summer season?

On a regular basis, this is how the energy is produced within your solar energy systems in your solar homes. Solar panels use the photons in the sunlight to produce energy. When these reach the surface of the solar panel, these photons are then used to kick out the electrons from the atoms to form a solar panel cell. These electrons go from being low-energy to high-energy when dislodged from the atoms.

What happens during the summer season is that the electrons are already excited because of the high heat or high temperature. So, when they reach the solar panel and get dislodged, they do not have enough excitation, which can lead to low solar panel efficiency, especially in the harsh California weather.

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Here’s how you can boosts solar panel efficiency in summer season!

1. Strategize the panel’s position

If you are planning on installing solar panels in your home, you must take the design and weather factors into consideration. Let the experts take the wheel on this one. Get into a strategy session with service providers such as SouthWest Sun Solar and find the best possible outcome for the solar panel position so you can opt for solar leasing or solar panel installation for your homes and businesses.

2. Maintain the panel regularly

If the panels are already installed, the best thing you can do is keep them at cooler temperatures to avoid overheating. Besides that, you can also do regular quarterly checks, especially during the summer season, to avoid any damage to your solar panel system. By simply addressing the summer season effect with the maintenance crew, you can find a solution collectively.

3. Keep the panels cool

Though the temperature will not affect the panel as much, being cautious is never harmful. You can use water as a coolant and pour it over the panel’s surface. This not only helps it cool down but also improves the cleanliness of the solar panel.

How does summer heat help improve solar panels efficiency? Image

Solar panels are invaluable machines that are a lifetime investment for many homeowners. So having doubts regarding its functions and the factors that affect them is completely reasonable. For that reason, we are here ease your worries by erasing such doubts with proven scientific facts to resolve all your doubts. If you want to learn more about solar panels, visit SouthWest Sun Solar. For any service-related queries, give a call to (714) 582-3909.