Did you know that solar energy has been around since 1839? Since then, we have seen a huge growth in solar energy systems and their applications. The main reason people are embracing this form of energy consumption is because of its high efficiency and eco-friendly nature. You might wonder how this impeccable energy source works. Let’s find out!

Working & main components of a solar energy system

When it comes to solar energy systems, there are three main parts that play a crucial role in energy generation. They are solar panels, inverters, and electrical panels. First, sunlight falls upon the solar panels, which generate DC electricity. Your entire solar system converts this DC electrical current to AC current. Keep reading to find out what role each of these components plays in energy production in detail.

solar panels

1. Solar panels

Solar panels are the first thing you notice in a solar energy system. These are the components which come directly into contact with the sunlight. When sunlight strikes the solar panel, a form of energy is produced. This energy is converted to DC electrical energy within the solar panel’s PV cells. After that, the energy produced is usually sent to your home or the electrical grid.

2. Inverter

The name says it all! In the solar setup, inverters are used to convert DC electricity to AC electricity. This component plays a crucial role in the entire setup. It is because direct current electricity will not have anywhere to go without being converted to alternating current (generally used in electricity grids).

3. Electrical panel

Every home has an electrical panel, even yours! This is where all the electrical energy generated by the solar panel goes to. The electrical panel’s main function is to distribute the generated current throughout your home so you can enjoy the fruits of your solar panel’s energy.


solar energy setups

Benefits & importance:

Besides producing green energy, solar energy setups are also widely popular for their efficiency, low costs, grid security, and increased home value. This is why the government is also encouraging homeowners to start their renewable energy journey with solar energy. To sweeten the deal, they are also providing investment tax credits (ITC) to homeowners who are switching to solar energy systems. So, get your solar setup with SouthWest Sun Solar instantly. Check out our website to get solar panels installed now!