Solar power plants can be extremely beneficial when it comes to electricity production. It has a much higher ROI when used for residential or commercial purposes. Besides this, it is also the perfect renewable energy that is extremely environmentally friendly. As a result, there are over 2.7 million residential solar energy systems in the United States alone.

Once you have these solar plants, there are not many things you need to worry about. But you might wonder what effects or issues can arise because of their installation. Two of which are glint and glare. Here’s why these terms are essential to understand and keep in mind before committing to solar plant installations.

effects of glint in a solar plant

What is glint, and what are the effects of glint in a solar plant?

When the light hits any reflective surface, it can cause a bright reflection. Though it only lasts for a fraction of the time, it can be extremely bright. Bright light can cause harm to the people passing by or the motorist. This reflection can cause bodily harm or worse. This is why solar glint calculations are so important; experts in the field take various parameters into account and design your solar energy system to cause the least amount of harm to the public. Some of these parameters are location, local topography, and mounted panel height.

glare affect solar plants

What is glare & how does glare affect solar plants?

No matter what, solar cells tend to produce a reflection. The reflection that is intense and lasts for longer periods of time is known as glare. These tend to not only cause high-intensity lights but also produce heavy heat within the solar panels. The effects of glare include industrially critical machinery operators and nuisance glare in residential areas. A few of the factors that can cause these are smooth glass, smooth glass with anti-reflective coating (ARC), lightly textured glass, lightly textured glass with anti-reflective coating (ARC), and deeply textured glass.

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