Fossil fuels usually take about a million years to form. Even though we started using them roughly 200 years ago, the reserves are fast depleting, and we might run out in this century. Waiting for new fossil fuels to form is not an option in 2022, especially in the wake of our growing demands. Our reserves would soon dry out. The only solution is to switch to renewable energy like solar. However, that’s not the only reason. Fossil fuels are polluting and damaging the environment. Whereas solar energy is clean and reduces carbon footprint.

We’ve come a long way from first understanding in 1839 that solar energy can be harnessed. In the past decade, it has become the fastest growing source of energy generation. Which is why many people around the globe are now considering to go solar. Let’s see why any homeowner must consider going solar.

Why every house must consider going solar?

Receive tax benefits

Federal and/or state government-mandated tax reductions and incentives are one of the greatest benefits of going solar. The final price of the solar equipment can reduce by a minimum of 25%. The tax benefits may get phased out or reduced in upcoming years, making this the right time to make the switch.

Earn credits through net metering

Home solar helps you effectively control your electricity expenditure. But the benefits don’t stop there. The state of California allows you to earn credits through Net Energy Metering (NEM). You can sell the excess electricity generated by your solar grid and make money. An experienced agency like SouthWest Sun Solar can help you understand NEM and ways you can take advantage.

No extra space required

You don’t require dedicated land to install solar panels! You can set it up on your rooftop and save it from further damage. So, switching to your solar panels not only reduces your electricity expenditure but also protects your roof.

Zero down payment

You can switch to solar energy with as little as zero down payment and start saving money as soon as your system goes online. You can also enjoy free analysis and installation. But that’s not all! With every solar installation, you also get a 25-year warranty and free repairs.

However, you can avail all the mentioned benefits only with SouthWest Sun Solar. We manage the switch end-to-end and handle all operations in-house. Get a ballpark estimate today. Or schedule an appointment by calling 714-582-3909.