28 11, 2022

Shading diminishing solar power production? Here are 4 ways to beat that

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Solar panels give optimal output by capturing sunlight and converting light energy into electrical energy. That’s why any form of shade can directly affects their functionality. Research suggests that if even 1% of solar cells are in shadow, the capacity for power production drops by 50-80%. There’s more! An evenly cast shade like that

19 09, 2022

Want to secure a $500 scholarship? Here’s how you can get one from SouthWest Sun Solar

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The combination of college tuition fees, living expenses, housing, and loans makes pursuing a higher education an expensive investment. It also scares away many enterprising students and their parents. While fees are exorbitant, we at SouthWest Sun Solar want to support your decision and share your load.Since SouthWest Sun Solar came into existence in 2014,

11 08, 2022

Thinking of going solar in California? Here are 5 grounds for saying yes

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Rooftop solar panel installations have become more affordable while growing more efficient in recent years. The rising fossil fuel and electricity prices have only led to the spurt in awareness of solar panel installations. With this in mind, are you planning on going solar? And do you stay in the golden state of California? We’ve