The usability and benefits of solar energy are not a secret anymore. Despite its widespread popularity, certain belief systems have not been able to accept solar energy. For you to make a wholehearted switch, we are going to bust 5 common myths related to solar energy.

Without further ado, let’s start.

Myth 1: Switch to solar energy is too costly

Fact: Going solar can help you save tons of money. The cost of going solar has drastically decreased in the past two decades. With inflating electricity rates, installing solar panels is an investment toward a better future. By going solar, you can save $1,500 a year, or $37,500 for 25 years, on average. As a homeowner in California, you can save up to $90,000 in the same time frame of 25 years.

Myth 2: Solar panels damage the roof

Fact: Solar panels protect the part of the roof where you decide to install them. The panels do not sit on the roof directly. The technicians carefully place them on mounts and fill the gap with sealant for additional protection. If the roof does get damaged for any unforeseeable reason, you can have the panels retracted, the roof repaired, and the panels safely re-installed. As a precautionary measure, always ensure your roof doesn’t have any damage ahead of solar panel installation.

Myth 3: Solar panels need a lot of maintenance

Fact: Definitely not! If you’re going with a reliable installer like SouthWest Sun Solar, going solar is relatively straightforward. All you would need to do, once in a while, is to wash the panels with water to clear away any debris, dust, or snow. We source the best raw materials to custom-design solar panels to withstand the Californian weather. In the worst case, if an issue comes up, we promise to resolve the issue in the next 24 hours.

Myth 4: Can’t install solar panels if I don’t own the house

Fact: You can still enjoy the multitude of benefits of solar energy even if you don’t own a house. Community solar programs allow multiple homes to make use of shared solar arrays placed off-site. Involved parties can share the purchasing and installation costs, thus, further reducing the overall costs.

Myth 5: Solar panels are bad for the environment

Fact: No, they’re not! The solar panels are monocrystalline, i.e., they are made of sand, silver, and aluminum. Thus, the panels are non-hazardous and recyclable. The Environmental Protection Agency allows the panels to be disposed of in landfills, although several recycling centers will find a new use for the panels.

We hope this article will help you make an informed decision when it comes to switching to solar energy. If you’re still unsure or have any other doubts regarding solar panel installation, call us at 714-582-3909.