When you hear the term ‘solar energy’, roofs laced with solar panels or solar farms usually come to mind. However, the field has witnessed tremendous advancements in the last four decades.

In this article, we’ll be discussing five such tech advancements for homes that will change the way you think about solar energy.

Transparent solar panels

Transparent solar panels

Windows are an integral part of any residential structure. They illuminate and cross-ventilate your home. But there’s more that windows can do for you. You can replace the glass panels with transparent solar panels. Researchers at the University of Michigan replaced silicon on solar panels with a carbon-based material. It increased the transparency of the usual opaque solar panels to 43.2%, while maintaining a solar efficiency level of 8.1. When in use, your windows will look like tinted car windows.

Ground-mounted solar panels     

 When it comes to rooftop solar panels, their placement and slope angle is key. Trees, vents, or even other nearby buildings shouldn’t obstruct their functionality. In the event that rooftop solar panels aren’t viable, ground-mounted panels are a good alternative. You can install them in any open space at a suitable height, inclination, or orientation to capture maximum sunlight. These are also particularly easy to clean, given the fact that you have easy access to them.

BIPV solar technology

As a homeowner, you can invest in Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and save on building and electricity costs. With solar panel advancements like BIPV, solar cells seamlessly fit into your residence as they are integrated into walls, facades, canopies, and even roofs. Apart from capturing solar energy, BIPV panels also insulate the building from heat and sound.

Community solar farm

Community solar farm

Installing a solar system is a critical homeowner decision, and may not be feasible for all, given the associated cost. A community solar farm is a viable solution in this scenario. Multiple homes can consume power generated through such a facility. A neighborhood can install a community solar farm in an open space that receives ample light.

Floating solar farms

In a bid to make solar panels more efficient, floating solar panels came into existence. Also known as floatovoltaics, these panels are placed on the surface of water bodies like lakes. The biggest benefit of floating solar systems is that they can produce a significant amount of solar energy without taking up additional space on land. What’s more, these panels also help the water body. They reduce evaporation, prevent algae production, and lower water treatment costs.

These solar panel advancements are just the tip of the iceberg. With more and more people realizing the potential of solar power, researchers all over the world are working on innovative, transformational solutions.

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