Solar energy is one of the best sources of green energy that is perfect for homeowners as well as businesses. This is why many people around the world are now shifting to solar energy. Throughout the years, solar energy has seen many advances and has more to come. If you are among the few that have opted for solar energy and solar panels, then here are a few things you can do to keep them efficient.

Here are 5 must know tips for solar panel maintenance

optimal solar panel maintenance

1. Schedule frequent checks

A solar panel setup is a delicate system that needs care and maintenance. It is thus helpful to hire an expert who is familiar with the machine parts to clean and check their working condition. By doing so, you are ensuring your solar panel’s longer lifespan and energy production rate.

2. Solar panel cleaning kit

If you are among the few that love to be hands-on with your electronics, then you can add the solar panel cleaning kit to your collection. This kit will have everything you need, from cleaning brushes to wipers and more. You can find these on any e-commerce platform that sells electronic products.

3. Perfect time to clean

Solar panels can be cleaned at any time. You can do a monthly, quarterly, or yearly check depending on your convenience. The perfect time to do these checks is usually in the late afternoon or evening. This is so there is zero interruption during the energy production process.

4. Examine the inverter light

The lights on solar panel inverters state their working condition and power output. During the day, the green light indicates that the panel is working great. If the light is red or yellow, it means there is a system failure or a technical issue.

5. Monitor efficiency

When a solar panel is working at its highest efficiency, we can get as much power output as possible. Keeping tabs on efficiency plays a huge role in power production, so keeping tabs on it is always helpful. You can buy any solar measuring device (PCE) or ask your specialists to check this during the quarterly or annual maintenance.

high-tech equipment

We know that solar panels are high-tech equipment, so it is important to track them regularly. By doing this, you are not only increasing their lifespan but also their efficiency. But the maintenance process can change based on the weather, location, and type of solar panel. It is always better to ask the seller these questions during the installation process. Experts generally recommend quarterly quality checks done by solar specialists for panel maintenance. You can visit SouthWest Sun Solar for more details about solar energy, installation, and maintenance!