SouthWest Sun Solar came into existence in September 2014 with the sole intention of providing top-notch solar installation service to its customers. In a bid to achieve that, we’ve imbibed and diligently practiced workplace diversity and inclusivity. This means every eligible person, irrespective of the community they belong to, will have an equal opportunity at our company.

Since we primarily belong to Northern and Southern California, the communities we aim to serve are underrepresented, and in most cases, English is not their primary language. In this reference, promoting a diverse workforce has had several tangible benefits that have equally benefited the communities and our company as well. Here’s how!


5 benefit from diversity & inclusivity

Why is diversity & inclusivity essential for a business and the community?

  1. Increased creativity: Diversity in the workplace has boosted creativity since people with different backgrounds, skills, and experiences bring different insights and perspectives to the forefront. A wider range of ideas has been instrumental in the communities’ development and for the organization internally.
  2. Higher employee engagement: When people with varying backgrounds find a safe platform to showcase their talent, they are motivated to perform better. We’ve always attempted to widen our search criteria and improve the quality of the talent we acquire.
  3. Conflict reduction: In a diverse workplace like SouthWest Sun Solar, employees have greater chances of understanding each other better. In the past eight years, we’ve witnessed personal struggles uniting people rather than dividing them. The result? Our employees have come together time and again to create innovative solutions.
  4. Reduce employee turnover: Because of our diverse workforce, we are also known for employee retention since employees feel valued here. This means that we as a company have been able to build a rapport with the communities through our employees for a longer period of time.
  5. Understanding clients better: Having a diverse team has immensely helped us understand our clients better. Since our consumers are also a diverse group of people, our all-inclusive team has aided us in gauging the clients’ needs better because of their shared experiences.

At SouthWest Sun Solar, we’ve constantly strived to bring underrepresented communities to the forefront and help them in their journey of environmental preservation. Having a diverse and inclusive team is a small step in that direction. If you want to be a part the SouthWest Sun Solar family then, visit our Job Postings page today. If you need any additional information, give a call to 714-582-3909.