Statistically, just an hour and a half of sunlight exposure is enough to satisfy the entire world’s energy needs for a year. This means solar energy is extremely beneficial and isn’t going away anytime soon. So, it is high time to get solar panels installed in your homes. Once you have decided on solar panels for energy consumption, the next question should be, is your home be eligible for a solar energy system? Almost all homes that have a roof today are eligible for a rooftop solar panel. But people with metal roofs wonder if the metal can cause damage to solar panels. Let’s find out why there are more pros than cons to metal roof solar panels.

a metal roof solar panel

What is a metal roof solar panel & how does it help?

Any house that has a roof made of metal, is considered a metal rooftop house. Here’s a brief about the different types of metal roofs! There are five types of metal roofs. They are corrugated metal roofing, standing seam roofing, metal shingle roofing, metal slate roofing, and metal tile roofing. These are normally picked based on your home’s size and your requirements or specifications for the roof.

When it comes to solar panel installation on roofs, asphalt roofs tend to interfere with the solar panel’s lifespan. This is because asphalt roofs are required to be replaced every 12 years, whereas solar panels have a minimum life of 25 years. Removing the roof and reinstalling the panels can cause physical and technical issues with the solar panels. Which is why metal roofs are preferred, as they do not require frequent replacements for up to 70 years.

Top 3 benefits of solar panels on a metal rooftop

Top 3 benefits of solar panels on a metal rooftop

  1. Durability: Because of the strength they possess, metal roofs have a longer lifespan with high durability.
  2. Sustainability: Did you know that metal roofs are made from recyclable materials? Yes, they do! This means that you are contributing more to the environment by using solar energy.
  3. Energy efficiency: Most of the metal roofs we see today are color coated. This not only keeps your home cold but also reduces energy consumption for the solar energy system.

We are living in a time when environmental sustainability is not just an alert but a crisis. So, we as humans should do all we can, including using renewable energy sources such as solar energy. This is why many companies like SouthWest Sun Solar offer incredible solar panel installation services, so you can also be part of the green Earth movement. Get your solar panels installed with us today!