We’re proud to be a part of an industry that has far surpassed other energy industries in diversity. However, we’ll be the first to admit that diversity in solar has not found a solution to fix this divide. Though a lot of progressive work has been done, a solar divide still exists. The whole country has been working together to try and work on closing this gap. Just last year The White House announced an initiative last year to start bringing more solar jobs and panels to a more diversified community. Here at Southwest Sun Solar we are celebrating another small step in the right direction.

The Southwest Sun Solar Team

Starting this summer we decided to publish the diversity statistics of our company so that we can do our part to help move the diversity agenda forward.

SouthWest Sun Solar Diversity

The Solar Industry as a Whole


The full report can be found here

The Major Obstacles to Solar Adoption

Many consumers don’t understand the product and the ability to communicate the benefits fall on deaf ear as many communities have lack of information they can understand. According to Bloomberg Technology, the major impediment of Solar adoption is that “it’s too complicated”. The problem has been one that every solar company, big or small, has had to battle with. Compound that with many communities who are more comfortable in languages other than English, there are major progress that needs to be made. Southwest Sun Solar has been trying to spread solar to these underrepresented communities since the day it opened its doors.

What We Are Doing

Rather than hoping communities come to us, Southwest Sun Solar has been using its resources to go to its community. By appearing on tv shows, radio stations and magazines that minority communities use for their daily consumption, Southwest Sun Solar has continually proven that diversity in solar is a point of emphasis and that it is willing to go to these underrepresented communities.  This commitment has been furthered with our hiring initiatives. We understand that Hispanic, Latino and Asian communities, which make up 54% of the Orange County population, want to work with someone who understand their culture and speak their language.

Our work will not stop here as we continue to reach out to community organizations to spread the education and benefits of Soar.

To see the official press release, you can download it here: Southwest Sun Solar Diversity Press Release