Many customers have concerns about their homes when they go solar. One of the concerns is in regards to roofing. Because solar panels will be installed onto the rooftop of homes, there is naturally concern about the health of the roof. When working with our installation team, we ensure an undamaged roof. In addition, to add as much flexibility for the customer, if a customer decides that they’d like to replace their roof we make it easy. At SouthWest Sun Solar we provide free service and labor to take the system down when the roof installation/replacement project begins. Then when the project is complete, our teams will come back and install the solar system again, no fees or charges!

There is a lot to risk when working with a low quality solar team. Customers should be aware of the following possible damages that a roof can suffer:

Short Term Damages

  • Leaking
  • Broken Tiles

Long Term Damages

  • Termites
  • Molding

At the end of the day, we hold our installation teams to an extremely high standard. Lots of training and preparation goes into forming our staff so that every customer has a professional team assisting them. We’ve seen unprofessional solar installation jobs cause lots of major damage and so we want to make sure none of our clients ever have to go through that. SouthWest Sun Solar always ensures the solar installation is done properly so that it doesn’t affect the roof’s function. And if anything were to happen, we take full responsibility. We count and replace every shingle tile that we may have broke.

What’s the Best Way to Work with the Roofing Companies if I want to go Solar

Since a solar panel system’s efficacy is highly based on its position to the sun, we recommend that every customer who may be considering installing a new roof to consult with SouthWest Sun Solar. Our team of experts will help you ensure that the roof will be built in a way that best works with the solar program you want for your home.

If you’d like a recommendation of companies that you’d like to work with, SouthWest Sun Solar has long term relationships with several experienced construction companies, electricians and construction suppliers. Just contact us and we’d be happy to refer you the contact of these companies.