Deciding on whether or not you should make the switch to solar energy requires deliberation. And, despite the obvious benefits, you may have some doubts: “Does it actually reduce electricity bills?”, “Is my house even suitable for a solar system?”, “What about overhead maintenance costs?”. Another question that we come across ever so often is, “Do solar panels work if its cloudy or rainy?”.

So, today we’re helping you understand this aspect of a solar energy system.

Do solar panels work when it’s cloudy

Do solar panels work when it’s cloudy?

Technically, solar panels draw energy from daylight. They’re most efficient when direct sunlight hits the photovoltaic cells on the panel at high noon. However, if you have invested in high-quality solar panels, they will work even on overcast days. Diffused and reflected sunlight reaches the earth when it is cloudy, making solar panels operate at about 80% efficiency.

Here’s something else to consider: the cloud edge effect. Experts say that solar panels appear to produce more electricity during an overcast day than they do on a bright, clear day, because of this effect. Essentially, what happens is that when the sun is emerging from behind a cluster of clouds or is obscured by them, refraction magnifies sunlight. In simple terms, this causes panels to produce a higher level of solar energy. So, a few overcast days are no cause for concern.

What effect do rains have on solar panels?

What effect do rains have on solar panels?

While we’re busting myths, here’s another one. Rains, in fact, improve the efficiency of your rooftop solar panels by washing away any dirt or dust. However, one thing to keep in mind is that since heavy winds and even thunderstorms may accompany rains, your roofing should be strong enough to handle harsh weather.

When it comes to the longevity of the panels, trust SouthWest Sun Solar to provide you with the best. We use the highest-quality materials available to create solar energy systems for your homes. They’re designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, and to reduce your dependency on traditional power sources.

The only time our installations stop working is at night! But don’t worry, because your solar panels are likely to produce excess electricity during the daytime. You can have it stored in a battery and use it when needed.

Now that you know that a little cloud cover is nothing to worry about, make a smart choice and start the solar conversion process today. Contact us on 714-582-3909 for swift installations at $0 down payment. We offer services across Northern and Southern California, including Orange County.