The primary goal of energy production is to provide uninterrupted energy for consumption. Solar energy is among the few sources that provide such energy. It is not only sustainable but also endless and clean form of energy. Which means you can harvest as much as you desire without any interruptions. To make the most of such energy, we need to know what factors affect the energy loss.

Scientists say that for solar panels to work efficiently, they need to be placed at the perfect angle. The recommended angle for this to work is when the sunlight falls on the panels perpendicularly. Think about where your PV panels must go for it to be at the ideal position for constant contact with sunlight throughout the day. The answer to that question is “rooftop!” Which is why every solar homeowner install their solar panels on rooftops. Not convinced yet? Keep reading.

reasons why rooftop solar panels are the best


Solar panels are known to be great investments with incredible ROIs because they provide free energy. Throughout their life cycle of 25+ years, you spend barely any money on them except for the installation and maintenance of the PV panels. Even during repairs, you can take advantage of free repairs offered by companies such as SouthWest Sun Solar.

2.Optimal output

Without proper exposure to sunlight, solar panels cannot provide power. This means, for any form of power generation, these devices must be exposed to sunlight. But that is not all; it also has to be at a perpendicular angle to the sun’s rays for the optimal power generation. Experts have also said that optimal power generation is possible when the panels are placed on the rooftops.

3.Longer lifespan

Almost every solar panel in the industry comes with a minimum 25-year warranty. This is due to their average life span of 25 to 30 years. It was also found that residential solar panels, even after 25 years, only lose 10-15% of their efficiency. This is especially the case if they are maintained regularly.

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