In just the last decade, we have learned that non-renewable energy production is extremely harmful to the planet Earth. Which is why a large portion of our population is slowly shifting their energy production to renewable energy. So, what exactly is renewable energy, and how is it beneficial for the environment?

Renewable energy has been in use since the times of the Romans. Even our forefathers recognized the importance of renewable resources. Wind, water, sun, and biomass are the four main types. With the help of these resources, we are able to produce endless and clean energy. Why? Because the resources are never-ending, therefore, they are known as renewable sources of energy. Do you want to know how it works? Keep reading…

4 main types of renewable energy systems

What are the 3 main types of renewable energy sources?

  1. Solar: Solar energy is a renewable energy source where solar rays are used to generate electricity and other forms of energy.
  2. Wind: Wind energy is the form of energy in which mechanical power is produced by the wind.
  3. Water: Hydropower is where energy is produced during the water’s motion from one place to another.

Why is solar energy production better than other renewable energy sources?

Solar energy compared to hydropower

Solar energy compared to hydropower:

Among the various pros and cons of hydropower, there are a few cons that will make you reconsider. Some of these factors include geographic location and high initial costs. When it comes to water energy, it is practically impossible to generate electricity in locations where there are low water bodies, which is quite common in many locations of the world, but the sun is available everywhere.

Hydroelectric energy is usually produced with the help of dams, which have high initial costs. These are also harmful to the flora and fauna in the surrounding area. This is due to the fact that uprooting the water’s stream flow can have a significant environmental impact. As solar energy is available everywhere on the planet Earth, it is comparatively better.

Solar energy compared to wind energy

Solar energy compared to wind energy:

Wind energy is generally produced using wind turbines. whereas solar energy is produced with the help of solar panels. When we compared the cost of these items, it is easy to say that solar comes out as the cheapest. This is because it does not include any moving parts that can result in wear and tear and maintenance costs.

Furthermore, the turbines tend to require a larger space for their plantations. Besides, these are also heavily dependent on the wind and the weather. With our current environmental state, it has become almost impossible to predict the weather each day.

Solar energy is an investment for a lifetime. Among all the types of renewable energy being produced, many experts have suggested solar panel energy to be the most optimal solution. So, start your solar energy journey now! If you are finding it difficult to do it by yourself, hire the experts! We at SouthWest Sun Solar ensure the solar panel installation is done perfectly, with free repairs & 25-year warranty.