A question we receive a lot is how long a solar panel installation will take, especially if consumers go through a PPA, which we specialize in. We dedicated a short post to explain the timing of a solar panel installation.

The average solar installation, at SouthWest Sun Solar, takes 6 weeks and the fastest installation we have to date has been 3 weeks.

The reason we can do it so fast is because at SouthWest Sun Solar we don’t outsource or contract any of the work. Every part of the installation is handled by teams and employees hired and trained by our company. In addition, what often slows down the process is working with the city and utility companies to get the right permits. When you work with our team you don’t have to worry about finding the right form or driving down to the city to talk to anyone. We will take care of all that for you and because we have systems in place, we can do it much faster without the hassle.

To better understand the timeline of a solar PPA panel installation, here is a schedule of the typical installation:


Week 0: Meeting with our Team of Solar Experts; Approval

Week 2: Site Survey, Engineer Design Plan

Week 3: Attain City permit, HOA permit

Week 4: Installation system, City final approval

Week 5: Permit To Operate

Week 6: Turn on System