Rooftop solar panel installations have become more affordable while growing more efficient in recent years. The rising fossil fuel and electricity prices have only led to the spurt in awareness of solar panel installations.

With this in mind, are you planning on going solar? And do you stay in the golden state of California? We’ve collated five reasons which will make you say a big yes to solar energy.

Limit your spending

Limit your spending

By going solar, you avoid using conventional power plants. Instead, you install a personal power station on your roof. It implies that in addition to giving up using electricity from your regular energy provider, you also bid farewell to the skyrocketing electricity costs. As experts predict an increase in energy costs in the future, solar roof panel installation emerges as an excellent strategy to guard against growing expenses.

And if you’re worried about installation charges, they’re free at SouthWest Sun Solar. Not just that, you can have one in your home with a $0 down payment.

Reduce carbon footprint

Unlike fossil fuels generated electricity, the one from solar energy is devoid of greenhouse gas emissions. Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to environmental preservation by using this clean and renewable energy. Also, fossil fuels are non-renewable and drastically vanishing from the face of the earth. In this regard, look at this fact: All the sunlight received on the earth in an hour is capable to power the entire world for a year!

Increase home value

Studies have shown that the values of your homes can increase on average by 4.1% if you’ve solar panels installed. While the exact figure may vary depending on where you reside, it’s a no-brainer that the resell value of your house may figure between $4200 and $5911 for each kilowatt of solar roof installation. Also, the house will sell 20% more quickly if you have an installation than one without!

Enjoy benefits and incentives

You can enjoy a range of tax benefits and cash incentives from your rooftop solar installations. States mandate to send extra solar energy produced from your home back to the grid. The electric companies must then purchase the same from you, letting you enjoy cash benefits. You’ll also be eligible for a federal tax credit if you outright buy a solar energy system. Additionally, some states and cities also offer cash rebates, further reducing your overall costs.

Utilize California’s sunny weather

The golden state of California is naturally blessed with abundant sunshine, making it the perfect place to maximize solar energy usage. Solar energy’s potential is unlimited and extremely reliable. Once you install a solar panel, you’re only dependent on the sun and not on any electrical company. You derive energy from your home and not from some distant grid in a distant place. This is especially beneficial when there’s a power outage.

If you’re still not convinced, look at this bonus benefit. Every SouthWest Sun Solar installation comes with a 25-year warranty. This means that every repair is free! Get an estimate based on your geolocation and monthly electrical spending. Or share your details here, and one of our experts will get back to you at your convenience.