Over the summer SouthWest Sun Solar has spent much time discussing company diversity. To continue this push, we’d like to announce another step in the right direction. As executive director, Hugh Nguyen, mentioned in his appearance in Solar Power World’s Contractors Corner podcast, “I found that minorities have a lack of information related to green energy and need to be more educated, the best way to explain or educate people is by hiring the same language speaker to go in there and explain the benefit of green energy.”

Announcing Chinese and Cambodian Speaking Staff

Orange County has one of the largest Asian populations in the United States and there are many different groups of Asian communities. Before the summer, SouthWest Sun Solar focused on the Vietnamese, Filipino and Korean segments. However, understanding that there were many other Asian communities that could benefit, the company brought on a team that could speak both Chinese and Cambodian.

The two members we’d like to introduce are

Kay Heap: Regional Manager, Kay.Heap@southwestsunsolar.com, (714) 450-0700

David Heap: Regional Manager, David.Heap@southwestsunsolar.com

The two have been brought on to help connect with the Chinese and Cambodian community of Orange County.

“Before I joined SouthWest Sun Solar I had joined other out of state solar companies. After I was introudeced to SouthWest Sun Solar and learned about the company, I have solid confidence in SouthWest Sun Solar. What won me over was the company’s ability to provide the quickest service because they personally provide A to Z services in addition when installing solar. By doing this the company can offer one of the best ways for families to save money! Now I am excited to be here to help the Chinese and Cambodian community understand solar and of course to help them save money!” – David Heap

You can visit the two at our La Mirada location.

Continuing Commitment to Diversity in Solar

This announcement continues our mission since day one, to bring Solar to as many communities of Orange County and California as possible. We will not let communication or languages barriers stand in the way. Solar is the future of energy and it is imperative that as many people obtain access and savings from moving to solar.