Earlier this week, SouthWest Sun Solar was given the opportunity to guest post on The Society for Diversity which is the #1 Professional Association for Diversity and Inclusion Leadership. The organization describes its goal as helping members become the most knowledgeable, skilled and practice diversity experts in the world. Naturally, because SouthWest Sun Solar has been championing diversity in Solar for a while now, the relationship between SouthWest Sun Solar and The Society for Diversity was a no-brainer.

Diversity in Solar, It’s Not Good

A joint effort by the team, we created a post that really digs deep into the current state of diversity. Solar is a burgeoning market and therefore it has the opportunity to really change what we know in Diversity. The industry has done a great job so far, surpassing the average of many other industries when it comes to diversity. However, to say that Solar diversity is at a level that is acceptable is far from the truth. We discuss this further in the posts and explain how SouthWest Sun Solar has tackled the issue and does it in a way to help its bottom line at the same time.

To Learn More

To read the post, you can see it here. We encourage those who are interested in SouthWest Sun Solar’s goal to continue pushing diversity to make sure to follow The Society for Diversity. They have a great newsletter and many social channels you can follow them on.