After a couple months of work, SouthWest Sun Solar is excited to announce that we have created our company’s first scholarship! Spearheaded by CEO, Hugh Nguyen, the scholarship is just another step in the growing roots of SouthWest Sun Solar’s work in the community. To understand why we created this scholarship you need to understand why SouthWest Sun Solar began in the first place. Hugh Nguyen, active in the Solar community found that there was no information for solar in his native language or his community. Thus he took it upon himself to start a solar company that would bring solar to underrepresented communities. This scholarship has been created with that very same concept. We hope that this scholarship will be able to help those who have helped bring Solar to their community.

The Purpose of the Scholarship

The whole reason SouthWest Sun Solar has been able to grow so fast is the advent of Solar technology. After years of work, solar panels have become more affordable and practical for the everyday family in the US. There has been so much progress in renewable energy, but we don’t want the bus to stop there. More discoveries and continual advancements will make solar energy even more efficient. We have to make this world greener and we need to push our community, businesses and families to do so. So besides our everyday work of bringing solar to households in Orange County and all over California, this scholarship is just another step towards a greener future. We are rewarding those who have decided to spend their time pursuing the much needed understanding and spread of Solar.

Who We Are Looking For

The candidates we are looking for are those students that have shown interest in the renewable energy industry, preferably the solar industry. Students should show a passion for solar through their school or community work. This can be in the form of school research or outreach work in local community or student organizations. There is no exact work or action that we are looking for. What we care most about is students who show that they are passionate about solar and ensuring that more and more communities around the world have access to Solar.

How to Apply

To qualify, applicants must be a resident or student in Southern California, pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Students will need:

  • Resume
  • 2 Recommendation Letters
  • 500 Word Personal Statement

Candidates will be evaluated on a combination of their academic excellence, extra curricular work, community service and their work in the solar/renewable energy industry.

To apply for the scholarship, please click below