28 03, 2023

Should you lease, rent or buy a solar system? Here’s your answer

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Switching to solar is a big decision, and there are several factors to consider. There’s calculating your electricity requirements and whether solar panels would be able to match. You also need to calculate current expenditures along with the initial investment for going solar. This includes the number of solar panels, their location, placement, and

17 02, 2023

What role does glint and glare play in a solar plant?

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Solar power plants can be extremely beneficial when it comes to electricity production. It has a much higher ROI when used for residential or commercial purposes. Besides this, it is also the perfect renewable energy that is extremely environmentally friendly. As a result, there are over 2.7 million residential solar energy systems in the

3 02, 2023

Shading diminishing solar power production? Here are 4 ways to beat that

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Solar panels give optimal output by capturing sunlight and converting light energy into electrical energy. That’s why any form of shade can directly affects their functionality. Research suggests that if even 1% of solar cells are in shadow, the capacity for power production drops by 50-80%. There’s more! An evenly cast shade like that

31 01, 2023

5 ways you can benefit from diversity & inclusivity at SouthWest Sun Solar

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SouthWest Sun Solar came into existence in September 2014 with the sole intention of providing top-notch solar installation service to its customers. In a bid to achieve that, we’ve imbibed and diligently practiced workplace diversity and inclusivity. This means every eligible person, irrespective of the community they belong to, will have an equal opportunity